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Can Tiles Be Laid On Top Of Tiles

Can Tiles Be Laid On Top Of Tiles

Yes, tiles can be laid on top of your current tiles, however, is it really a good idea?

We see the attraction to the idea of just tiling straight over the old tiled surface, but it could end up being more work than just stripping the surface back and then tiling.

The previously laid tiles mite not have been laid evenly or have now cracked or come loose. These issues will mean you are not putting your tiles onto a sturdy surface and may even mean your new tiles are not on a solid surface causing them to crack or become loose.

If you still want to tile over your tiles

If you do still want to try tiling over the top of your old tiled floor or wall.

Then make sure you are using a good tile adhesive, so any underlying problems are less likely to affect the new surface.

You may need to use an angle grinder to level out the old tiles if they are uneven or if the tile surface is more of a natural stone style as these will have high spots which could be thicker than the tile adhesive you lay between the tiles. Use a spirit level to check the floor is even can help you with this.

The tiles will also need to be thoroughly cleaned, this is to take out the dirt, grime or mould. This could affect the adhesive grout sticking your tiles to the old tiled surface.

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